since 1904

Applied Dynamics, Inc.
Advanced Technology Solutions for the 21st Century

Applied Dynamics Inc. (ADI) is a 113-year-old technology-based organization serving the semiconductor, photonics, biotech, defense electronics and related manufacturing technology industries worldwide. ADI's corporate charter is to protect all facets of an owner’s or investor’s financial interests during the modeling, planning, construction, and startup of institutional, commercial or manufacturing facilities. ADI has refined its technical expertise in all aspects of site selection, financial analysis, engineering, permitting, construction and facility operations, and performs as an extension of staff, assembling tactical teams with the expertise to execute project goals on behalf of the owner or investors.

  • Allergan

    172,000 sf combined research and pilot plant manufacturing space


    Irvine, California

  • Army Research Labs

    Infectious Disease lab modules with containment, mitigation, and decontamination features


    Fort Detrick, Maryland

  • Bell Northern

    155,000 sf class 1/10 200mm wafer fabrication facility


    Nippean, Ontario, Canada

  • Chiron Corporation

    Life Sciences Center Building 4 prototype manufacturing area


    Emeryville, California

  • Corning Research Labs

    250,000 sf research and pilot production space for communications semiconductors


    Corning, New York

  • DuPont Photomasks

    150,000 sf photomask facility including 40,000 sf class 1 manufacturing and vertical laminar flow clean room


    Gresham, Oregon

  • Fairchild Semiconductor

    120,000 sf vertical laminar flow clean room


    Wasserberg, Germany

  • Fairchild Semiconductor

    100,000 sf vertical laminar flow clean room and process support systems


    Nagasaki, Japan

  • Flextronics

    Factory model for 500,000 sf operation for fabrication and assembly of personal electronic appliances


    Milpitas, California | Austin, Texas

  • The Genomics Institute

    Novartis Research Foundation flexible research space


    San Diego, California

  • Global Communications Semiconductor

    Enhance wafer foundry for semiconductor processing


    Torrance, California

  • Google X

    700,000 sf facility housing multiple laboratories


    Mountain View, California

  • Gore Photonics

    20,000 sf class 10 AMC controlled clean rooms


    Lompoc, California

  • Hewlett-Packard

    Building 71 technical plating project


    Palo Alto, California

  • Hoya Electronics

    Standardize factory design for use in any country with minor adaptations to local conditions


    Tokyo, Japan

  • Hughes Aircraft

    500,000 sf advanced research space for defense electronics applications


    Malibu, California

  • IBM | Sematech

    Front-end wafer fabs on State University of New York property. Three facilities with a net 500,000 sf clean-room space


    North Albany, New York

  • IMT Semicondoctor

    Enhance wafer foundry capabilities


    Goleta, California

  • Lucent Technologies

    Design and construction of wafer fabrication facilities


    Alhambra and Irwindale California

  • Motorola MOS 8

    World’s first laminar flow front-end semiconductor manufacturing plant


    Austin, Texas

  • Motorola MOS 9

    120,000 sf advanced manufacturing facility for CMOS production


    East Kilbride, Scotland

  • Motorola MOS 11

    VLF manufacturing facility


    Oakhill, Texas

  • National Institute of Health

    Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center, new hospital of the NIH


    Bethesda, Maryland

  • Northrup Grumman

    High-precision machine operations used for production of transmissions for submarines and other Naval vessels


    Mountain View, California

  • NXP Semiconductor

    Factory modeling


    East Fishkill, New York

  • PDL Biopharma

    250,000 sf laboratory and protype manufacturing space


    Redwood City, California

  • Polaroid

    20,000 sf compound semiconductor defense electronics facility


    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Project Mercury

    200,000 sf prototype manufacturing facility


    Sunnyvale, California

  • Qualcomm

    Design manager, tool installation


    San Jose, California

  • Raytheon

    B-1 clean room and process support systems


    Goleta, California

  • Rigetti Computing

    20,000 sf manufacturing facility, clean room design


    Fremont, California

  • Thinfilms Semiconductor

    30,000 sf manufacturing facility


    San Jose, California

  • UC Berkeley

    11-story biological research laboratory with 5,000 sf clean room and process support equipment


    Berkeley, California

  • UC Santa Barbara

    16-story biological research laboratory


    Santa Barbara, California

  • UC Santa Barbara

    200,000 sf research and classroom space, 50,000 sf class 1 clean room


    Goleta, California

  • Western Digital

    Building 1 | seismic upgrade and remodel


    Fremont, California

  • Western Digital

    Building 2 | 50,000 sf class 10 manufacturing space


    Mountain View, California

  • Zilog

    40,000 sf class 10 fully integrated SMIF Pod Fab. The first true 200mm “sneaker fab” in the United States


    Nampa, Idaho