Our History

Applied Dynamics Inc. has been providing Owner’s Representative Services since its founding in 1904. The projects we’ve done are as varied as our history, including post-1906-earthquake reconstruction of Stanford University Buildings, construction of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo 1922, and Federal Reserve Bank expansion 1930-1975. Technical projects have included the Trident Submarine Program 1975-1980, Fairchild Camera and Instrument Semiconductor Facilities 1967-1985, Motorola Wafer Fab Facilities MOS-8 through MOS-12 1979-1995 and Corning Inc. Sullivan Park Research Facility 1997-2007, IBM 300mm Program 2000-2010, Western Digital 300mm Conversion 2007 to present, Flextronics Manufacturing operations Austin Texas 2012 to present, and Google & Apple Production Facilities within the United States.

  • Transamerica Pyramid
  • 1906 Earthquake
  • Original Bay Bridge
  • First plane with pressurized cabin
  • Lick Observatory
  • Imperial Hotel, Tokyo